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Proved Classic – Ultimate Relax


Classic massage

It is a popular massage that brings deep relaxation, removes fatigue, congestion, muscle spasms, restores mobility of stiff and painful muscles. It has a positive effect against stress and depression, relieves tension, helps to psychological balance. It is one of the most used types of massage.

Price list

  • 1h 30min – 100.00 €
  • 1h – 50.00 €
  • 30min – 35.00 €

Classical massage leads to blood circulation of the skin, emptying of superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, secretion of sweat glands, absorption of swellings or sprains, improves nutrition and function of tissues, joints and tendons. Relieves pain. Reflexively and by changing the blood circulation, the massage affects distant organs and has an overall positive effect on the body. It has a stimulating effect on physical performance, central nervous system, supports immunity. It regulates sleep, has a relaxing effect, helps to relieve mental tension.