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Head in the Clouds or
Feet on the Ground


Head in the Clouds

Ayurvedic head massage CHAMPI

It is a relaxing oil massage of the head, neck and shoulders. The aim of this massage is to remove feelings of tension in the cervical spine, improve neck flexibility, relieve migraine conditions, improve insomnia and increase concentration.

This ancient Indian massage is very effective for several problems. It promotes the amount of oxygen in the tissues and improves blood circulation. Therefore, it is recommended for problems with sleep, concentration, whistling in the ears, migraine and high eye pressure. It also circulates the skin and promotes the quality and growth of hair. Last but not least, it effectively helps all people who spend a lot of time sitting or standing, because it relaxes the muscles in the spine, shoulders, neck and head.

Price list

  • 30min – 35.00 €

Feet On The Ground

Reflexology massage

Massaging the reflex points, called. receptors, which are located on the soles of the feet, stimulate and optimize the activity of individual organs and the body returns to internal balance. OdWe recommend it for prevention, but also for people suffering from problems with digestion, excretion and lymphatic system.

Price list

  • 45min – 45.00 €