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 the most effective method against cellulite, consists in the application with wooden rollers. The method is used for cellulite, tightening and shaping of the skin, ridding the body of excess water, thus reducing swelling, expanding the lymphatic system, jump-starting the metabolism, ridding the body of toxins, lifting the buttocks. It is a healthy non-invasive method.

We use Maderotherapy for:

  • alleviation of cellulite
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • detoxification of the body

Price list

  • 1h 30min – 100.00 €
  • 1h – 50.00 €

Roller maderotherapy is done with steady rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow, thus achieving specific lymphatic drainage. This also activates the metabolism and the body works faster and removes fat layers, toxins and cellulite. The first results are already visible after 5.-6. treatments, while it is very individual and depends on the degree of cellulite.

Massage with wooden rollers is suitable for relaxing muscles after fatigue, for eliminating physical imbalance and helps to remove toxins and lactates from the body, which are caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor-quality diet and insufficient exercise. It is also suitable as a full-body relaxation and regeneration massage. whose function in our body is the excretion of toxic substances.