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masáže Bratislava

A Gentle Touch of Hawaiian Sun

masáže Bratislava

Hawaiian massage

It is often referred to as a pearl among massages and is nicknamed Loving Hands. Traditional Hawaiian massage from the Hawaiian Islands is based on rhythmic techniques using mainly the forearms and elbows. Traditional Hawaiian massage is based on rhythmic movements.

Price list

  • 1h 30min – 100.00 €
  • 1h – 50.00 €

The masseur uses not only the fingers and palms, but also the forearms and elbows. Long, gentle strokes alternate smoothly with stronger strokes in a regular rhythm. There is a deep relaxation, connecting the physical with the mental and psychological level. It is unusually effective, relieving muscle spasms and relieving pain. It is suitable for musculoskeletal pain, for regeneration of the body, after sports load, it stimulates the lymph and thus allows faster outflow of harmful substances.